What to Wear to Power Vinyasa Class November 23 2015


Here’s something you need to know before attending your first Power Vinyasa yoga class: you’re going to get sweaty!

Power Vinyasa yoga is a particularly intense and physically athletic form of yoga, with challenging, rapid movements. You’ll want your clothing to be comfortable, even while sweating profusely, and allow you to move freely through the movements without agitation.

Look for something that will stay put and keep you cool as your body heats up. Ideally, your top should be made of a sweat-wicking material - like our product - that will wick perspiration away from your skin, making you more comfortable throughout your session. Loose articles of clothing tend to slide down while in poses like downward-facing dog or even standing forward fold. You’ll need something more fitted that won’t slide around as you move rapidly from pose to pose.

Yoga pants, made of stretchy fabric that moves and bends with you, are ideal for Power Vinyasa yoga. Look for a comfortable pair made of sweat-wicking material. Choose one that is more form-fitting. Ideally, your pants should end slightly before the ankles - such as Capris. Never wear pants that are too long or cover your toes, for risk of tripping.

Check our yoga wear selection, choose the right gear for you, then you are good to go!