Why Calligraphy Yoga? October 25 2014

I have been practicing Calligraphy Yoga for nearly two years. For me this is a life-changing experience! Practicing Calligraphy Yoga is a very effective way to cultivate internal strength.

Combining the principles of Tai Chi, Taoist Qi Gong, and Indian Yoga, Calligraphy Yoga flows like Chinese Calligraphy! Moving with natural relaxing breaths and Dantian* awareness, practitioners are able to tap into their own energy field, not only to build up the physical level but also free course the Qi** flow within the body. The metabolism and circulation hence can be improved greatly from the practice.

Like fish swimming in water, Calligraphy Yoga Flow relaxes the body and mind. When soft tissues, muscles, tendons and ligaments gradually release tension, joints begin to open more fully which helps remove blockages that stop the free flow of Qi in the body.
Dantian breathing is very important when practicing Calligraphy Yoga. It helps correct the way we tend to breathe daily - chest breathing. Relying on the muscles of the chest and shoulders, chest breathing produces increased heart and breathing rates, and tense neck and shoulder muscles. These are reasons chest breathers seem more prone to experience anxiety and stress-related conditions like hypertension and headaches.

Dantian breathing improves the supply of oxygen to the body as the red blood cells begin to separate from one another, breaking down their clustered structures so that each cell can carry more oxygen throughout the whole body. This has an energizing and rejuvenating effect on every cell in the body.

Free your mind and body, start your self-healing journey now! For more information on Calligraphy Yoga check their website at


*Dantian – is also called Energy Elixir Field in Taoist Practice. It is located 3 fingers below the belly button, and also called Sea of Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the energy centre and a place to store energy.  


**Qi - is an energy that manifests simultaneously on the physical and mental—spiritual level.